What’s left from our mistakes ?

Documentary 42’
Directed by Nils Tavernier &
Gil Rabier


We observe one serious unwanted event by day in a 30 beds hospital service.

“What’s left from our mistakes?” do not denounce but breaks the silence, engaging substantive thinking to improve both practical and ethical aspects.

The film approaches 3 stories, one of a child and two of teenagers. In a context of serious disease, they are facing errors in their treatment, errors with different degree of severity with different consequences. Their parents and involved nursing staff sharing their story with courage, humility and sincerity. This two-way perspective instructs us and questions come instantly. What have we learnt from what happened ? What to do to improve treatment security and allows trust to perpetuate despite errors ?

Veilleur de Nuit is glad to participate to this adventure with the association « Questionner autrement le soin » animated by Dominique Davous.


Documentary 42′

directed by

Nils Tavernier
Gil Rabier


Nils Tavernier

cinematography & sound assistant

Maude Chauveau

film editing

Sophie Herbé

original music

Sylvain Gandolfo
Olivier Muller


Espace éthique Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris



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