Liberté Égalité Laïcité

Documentary 52’
Directed by Jean Crépu


What meaning do the words ‘secularism’ and ‘values of the Republic’ still have in schools, and how are they transmitted and shared by everyone?

The values of the Republic are supposed to guarantee social cohesion, but today they are open to interpretation. The principle of secularism, the foundation of the republican school, is sometimes called into question and triggers controversy.

How is this principle of secularism perceived in schools? How is it transmitted and, above all, how can it be shared by everyone?

To answer these questions, this film sets out to meet teachers and pupils at a primary school in Échirolles and a high school in the priority education network in Cluses.

By capturing the reality on the ground, the film sheds valuable light on how the principle of secularism is lived out in schools. A sometimes tense confrontation, but also a space for exchange in mutual respect.


Documentary 52′

directed by

Jean Crépu


Jean Crépu


Arthur Meyer
Patrick Imbert
Benjamin Haïm
Mathias Scherrer


Claire Collin

sound editing and mixing

Mathieu Genet


A Veilleur de Nuit production and France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes co-production