Drôme, the world of tomorrow starts here

Documentary 53’
Directed by Franck Cuveillier


A citizens’ association has decided to buy 500 hectares of land in the Drôme region, dedicated to rewilding. From that moment on, all those involved in traditional rural life, as well as those in the neo-rural world, began to wonder whether this was a good green idea or whether it was the “wolf” that had entered the farming world. Like the real wolf that haunts the region, this nature reserve divides all camps and reshuffles all cards. It’s an opportunity to discover the Drôme and its inhabitants, who are reinventing everything from livestock farming to green agribusiness, with the serious ambition of achieving European environmental standards 20 years ahead of everyone else.


Documentary 53′

directed by

Franck Cuveillier


France Télévisions