Veilleur de Nuit : the Night Watchman

” A night watchman is someone who reads late into the night while staying on his guard, and who, from time to time, may give you the keys.”

Veilleur de Nuit is a production film house founded in 2005 by Jean-Marc Giri. It has the ambition to develop documentaries and fiction films addressing subjects with sensitive issues and demanding structures.

Their films are broadcast by the main French and European channels.
(ARTE, France 2, France 3, France 5, Canal +, RTBF , TSR, Bayerische Rundfunk) and in cinemas.

Veilleur de Nuit pursues its development in fiction film for cinema and continues its active policy of European co-productions.

Jean-Marc Giri

Jean-Marc GIRI created Veilleur de Nuit Production in 2005, since then, he has produced numerous documentary films.

In 2010, he started working on a documentary with committed authors, with the direction for ARTE of André Brink l’Africain, a cross-portrait of the South African writer and his country, South Africa, since the end of the 1950s.

In 2015, he produced the feature film Wrong Elements by Jonathan Littel (Goncourt Prize 2006 for Les Bienveillantes), a documentary fresco relating the traumas of rebel children abducted in Uganda by Joseph Kony. The film was presented in Cannes in 2016 in the official out-of-competition selection.

He takes up the reins of directing with Kamel Daoud’s Algeria broadcast on France 5 in 2020. In his film, he explores the postcolonial fractures of today’s Algeria in the company of the author of Meursault, contre-enquête.

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